Student wellbeing

Student wellbeing

At Nhulunbuy Christian College, we believe that all students are precious and valued image bearers of God. We deeply care for all students and seek to help them understand and unfold their value, and recognise that they belong as part of our community. 

To support this, we have a well-developed pastoral care program across the College. This is a space in which students engage in personal development activities, Biblical studies and activities as a class. Our pastoral care teachers form the first contact for parents and develop an understanding of how each student in their care is going. 

Being a small school, we pride ourselves on knowing our students well and being invested in their lives. Nhulunbuy Christian College’s leadership team is also available to discuss your child’s needs and provide further pastoral follow up when needed. 

Learning support

The Learning Support Team is an integral part of schooling at Nhulunbuy Christian College. The team was established to nurture those students who need additional support. We are a presence in all classrooms and have contact with, and a knowledge of, all students in our school.

Our team aims to ensure that access to learning is equitable and achievable for every student. The success of the student in their whole school journey is our priority.

A range of intervention methods are employed to assist children with barriers to learning. These
barriers may include diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder, receptive language difficulties,
intellectual disabilities, social and emotional issues, behavioural challenges, attention and
concentration difficulties, auditory/memory difficulties and other communication difficulties.
The Learning Support Team complements teaching practice through reinforcing student knowledge
and confidence, and assisting in breaking down the barriers that may have impeded successful
learning in the past. The Learning Support Team consolidates students’ interests and knowledge, and
works in a spirit of partnership with parents, students, teachers and involved professionals. The

team engages in – and promotes – discussions, supports students’ personal and social growth, and
ultimately helps to develop each student’s confidence in their ability to succeed in learning.

Feel free to make contact any time to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s learning needs.