Transition at NCC

Practice makes progress.

Mistakes are learning.

When you do your best, God does the rest!

Transition is such a special year for every child and their parents. It is the beginning of their journey through school and a pivotal moment in their development. At NCC, this is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We endeavour to see every single child flourish within our care, by providing them with a safe, secure and nurturing environment, where they are free to explore who God has made them to be. Across the school, each of our teachers invest heavily into our Transition students to provide them with a solid foundation of learning and development that will set them up for every success in their future schooling. What underpins our teaching and all that we do is instilling in each child a firm foundation of God’s love and a confidence in knowing who God has made them to be.

It is important to us that the early years are a positive and happy experience for every child. Therefore, we are intentional about creating an environment within our Transition classroom that is fun, stimulating and engaging, and allows for a smooth transition from home to school. A big part of our teaching philosophy, especially in the early years, is ensuring that we partner with parents and include them in their child’s educational journey – right from the beginning. You will have many opportunities to come and join in all that is happening in your  child’s schooling, from ‘Alphabet Days’, ‘Crazy Hair Day’, celebrating ‘100 Days of School’, to assisting in the classroom with reading and other learning activities.

Our staff are excited about working with your child and partnering with you in their education.