Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be Christian communities, learning together to live life as God intended, offering hope for the world.

Our Mission

To partner with parents in providing an education that honours Jesus, is academically rigorous, develops character and promotes healthy relationships. We want our students to grow in wisdom, be empowered to serve others and make a difference in the world.

Our Aims

1. To provide a general education of the highest quality using a curriculum that has a Biblical world-view.
2. To provide a Christian environment for children to learn skills, attitudes and knowledge through their academic studies. This will equip them to participate in the modern world.
3. To foster a co-operative relationship between all members of the College: parents, staff, students and the local churches.
4. To support parents whose lifestyle is sympathetic with Christian ethics, by continually building Christian faith and character in their children so that our relationships with Jesus may be strengthened and understood.