Learning Support and Wellbeing

The Learning Support Team is an integral part of schooling at NCC. The Team was established to nurture those students who are in need of additional support. We are a presence in all classrooms and have contact with, and a knowledge of all students in our school.

Our Team aims to ensure that access to learning is equitable and achievable for every student. The success of the student in their whole school journey is our priority.

A range of intervention methods are employed to assist children with barriers to learning that may include diagnoses of: autism spectrum disorder, receptive language difficulties, intellectual disabilities, social and emotional issues, behavioural challenges, attention and concentration difficulties, auditory/memory difficulties and other communication difficulties.

The Learning Support Team compliments teaching practice through reinforcing student knowledge and confidence and assisting in breaking down the barriers that may have impeded successful learning in the past. The Learning Support Team consolidates students’ interests and knowledge and works in a spirit of partnership with parents, students, teachers and involved professionals; engaging and promoting discussions, personal and social growth and ultimately developing each student’s confidence in their ability to succeed in learning.

Feel free to make contact anytime to discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s learning needs.