Extra Curricular and Camps

Research into Extra Curricular activities and student achievement suggests that extracurricular activities are one of the best investments that a school can make to help promote achievement, student engagement, and the attitudes and habits that lead to college aspirations and ultimate success.

Research on extracurricular activities and student achievement has been going on for a long time — and just about every nuance of the issue has been explored in some detail. The findings from all of this research are remarkably clear and straightforward, something that is usually quite rare in educational inquiry. The bottom line is stated most succinctly by Everson and Millsap, who titled their 2005 study, simply “Everyone Gains.”

School Camps (Everyone to attend)

Nhulunbuy Christian College school camps are planned to focus on cultural education and journeying. Our aim is to create cost effective camps that are educationally rich in value.

Year 7/8 – Expedition Arnhem- Students experience all the region has to offer by participating in a five day expedition of North East Arnhem Land. Students have an opportunity to build on knowledge learnt in the Outdoor Recreation Elective, engage with students and staff from Yirrkala, and participate in Learning on Country. The main mode of travel is by foot (hiking).

Year 9 – Nyinyikay Homeland (Arnhem Bay)- Marcus Lacey and his family provide Nhulunbuy Christian College with a highly authentic and engaging cultural immersion experience tailored to the needs of our school. Some of the experiences and topics covered in the program include Yolngu language ­ verbal and sign language, gender roles and responsibilities, kinship and moiety rules, stories about the area and history of the region (pre and post contact). Participating in traditional food gathering activities, traditional craft activities such as painting and weaving and participating in and learning traditional dance are other educational opportunities.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – The Award is a leading structured (non formal education) youth development program, empowering all young Australian’s between age 14-25 to explore their full potential regardless of their location or circumstance. Each young person who takes part in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical well being, volunteers in their community and experiences a team adventure in a new environment. All participants will be supported through the Outdoor Recreation class and all Year 9s are encouraged to take up the opportunity to begin and possibly complete their Bronze Award.
Bronze Award: $100
Silver Award: $110

Duke’s Expedition Southern Walks Nitmiluk National Park – Students participate in the ‘Footsteps of our Ancestors Cultural immersion program, encompassing the lifestyle, culture and tradition of the Jawoyn people. Following this students journey on a two gorge river cruise before they embark on a challenging three day two night hike exploring the Katherine Gorge System and surrounding escarpment via the Southern Walks. Students enjoy spectacular views, swimming and camping.

Garma Youth Forum – The Youth Forum is a mini-Garma in itself jam packed with workshops for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students from across the nation building confidence and knowledge within our future leaders of tomorrow. Garma brings together young Australians to nurture leadership, work and life-skills – to develop community leaders and assist in sharing and protecting stories, culture and knowledge. It is an energetic, exciting and uplifting melting pot with local elders and youth, community organisations and some of Australia’s leading musicians and writers collaborating together to share experiences and learn from one another. The Garma Youth Forum will provide 4 days of activities and workshops. Students will participate in a broad range of activities, from mobile journalism, digital media, information session, social media tasks, song writing workshops with talented artists, film and production sessions, and educational workshops designed for our young stars.

School Swimming and Athletics Carnivals – The School Swimming and Athletics Carnivals are whole school community events. These Carnivals aim to be an all inclusive event for all students, of any ability. They are not intended to be a Swim or Track Meet and novelty events and modifications to distances form large components of our carnivals. Where possible, parents are encouraged to attend and assist in preparation/running of these events.

Arnhem Region School Sport – We are again part of the Arnhem Region, School Sport NT which provides a strong foundation at the grass roots level for students to build a full and active life through sport at school and through a continuing active lifestyle outside of school on pathways of their choice.

Cross Country Event, Bike Day, Community Half Marathon and Triathlon Events, School Musical, Bike Day, Day of Service, Teacher Advisor Group ‘Get Togethers’, Lunchtime Activities.

Troy Ferrier

Physical & Outdoor Education Teacher
Middle Years Leadership Team (Extra Curricular)