Distinguishing Features


The Christian worldview underpins our ethics and our actions. It means that our school community seeks to treat others as God treats us, grow toward God, and view our world as God views it.

Character Development

To be truly effective in our teaching we need to encourage our children to be morally responsible citizens. We endeavour to teach the reasons why we do things so that the child’s character is developed. Children from our school should be recognised by their strength of character. Recognised by their virtues; like kindness, self-control and responsibility.


Communication with Parents

Nhulunbuy Christian College recognises that God has given parents the responsibility to bring up their children. Upon their enrolment our school becomes part of this process. We encourage regular and open communication always.

Core Curriculum in Education

Nhulunbuy Christian College is a Primary and Middle school, which offers quality education. There is a strong emphasis on academic excellence in the core curriculum subjects of literacy and numeracy, as well as character training such as honesty, respect, kindness and being responsible. Our staff scaffolds the curriculum to ensure all students can access learning. We support all students so that they can learn and grow.

Family Feel

There is a distinctly family feel around the college which is important to us. Students of all ages interact and encourage each other. Staff are continually building on strengthening relationships with students and parents.


We provide a haven of safety where each child, staff member and parent feels they are accepted, valued and cared for. It is imperative that safety is a priority for all members of our school community. Our school is a ‘Kids Matters’ school which means we have a supported framework for ensuring we do the utmost in promoting a socially safe community where all students can learn.